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Insulation with Frost Protection Prevents Frost Damages on Your Property

In addition to preventing air leakage, insulation can also fight against frost inside the home. With proper insulation, a frozen pipe doesn’t have to be a common occurrence in your home. North Shore Insulation Ltd can install insulation in your Vancouver home for frost protection purposes.

Many pipes run through your home’s ceilings and floors, including AC pipes, water pipes and fire sprinklers. Our cold Canadian winters can cause these pipes to freeze, which can affect its functionality. Frozen pipes are also one of the common causes of a burst pipe. Installing insulation can prevent frozen pipe-related damages and save you money on repair costs.

Benefits of Frost Protection

frost protection
  • Prevents frozen pipes, thus lowering the chances of burst pipes
  • Increased energy efficiency inside the home
  • Can save you money on pipe repairs

A relatively small investment in proper insulation can protect your property from frost and related damages, thus saving you money in the long run. Contact North Shore Insulation Ltd to book an appointment.

Slab Insulation for Concrete Floors

Your home is heated through the furnishings, walls and floor. As a result, insulating these parts of your home will maximize your energy efficiency. It is likely you would benefit from floor insulation if you own an older home with suspended floors, as it tends to lose more heat through the floor. Modern homes were built with slabs of insulation below the concrete floor to reduce heat loss. If your home has concrete floors, you have the option of getting insulation installed in your floors. North Shore Insulation Ltd is an expert in concrete slab insulation in the Lower Mainland. The slab insulations we offer are:

Mesh | Rebar

Benefits of Slab Insulation

  • It can reduce heating bills by 10-20%
  • Less heat is lost through the floors
  • Heating is more evenly distributed throughout the home
  • Controls moisture and is easier to clean
  • Less susceptible to bacteria or mold
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